Trump supporters throw a fit when they see their tax refund go down by a lot this year

So far, this year the average tax refund is down more than 8%. People were expecting more.

While it is affecting the nation as a whole, President Donald Trump's supporters are especially mad, given that they're the ones who elected the man into office which led to the GOP tax cuts a year ago. They were wanting to see some of those cuts.

People are asking: "What happened to my refund?"

"If I were to estimate, two-thirds will pay more than they thought and one-third will get more than they thought,” said one tax preparer.

While we're still only into the early tax season, these are the numbers, and they're unavoidable.

According to data released by the IRS on Friday, refunds averaged just $1,865. That's less than what people were averaging just a year prior. The average American received almost a $1,000 more than that.

Republicans claim to fame was their sweeping tax cuts, cuts that changed the complicated tax code more so than at any other time in the last 30 years. Why then aren't people receiving more? The corporate tax rate was lowered from 35% to 21%. Middle income earners, the bread and butter of the American economy, should be receiving something similar to that, and it's not even close.

We still have some time to go, though. Filing season just opened shortly after the longest partial government shutdown in history.

"We thank the Treasury and IRS employees who have been working diligently to ensure the system is processing these returns efficiently," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said via a statement on Friday.