Trump supporters form "human wall" at border. Stay there. Save the country $5.7 billion. Thanks.

President Donald Trump's supporters are starting to form a human wall of sorts along the country's southern border with Mexico.

They heeded Trump's call to "build a human wall if necessary."

No one expected people to take that literally. But, people are. They are holding hands, building an impenetrable link across the border while holding American flags, while saying things like: "Build the wall," and chanting "Trump, Trump, Trump!"

The line formed near Sunland Park, N.M., which shares a border with El Paso, TX, not far from where the president will be speaking on Monday.

Trump will be holding his first campaign rally for his 2020 re-election there.

That's great. Let everyone know what you find. At the very least, they'd be saving America $5.7 billion, the amount the president has been demanding from Congress.

Given the fact that Congress has yet to come to terms with Trump's demands, it is expected that Trump will declare a national emergency in order to get the funding that he needs for a more secure, non-human wall at the border.