Trump supporter yells about his .357 Magnum after reporter asks about impeachment (VIDEO)

A Trump supporter was caught on camera by CBS News, yelling about his .357 Magnum, simply because a reporter asked about President Donald Trump being impeached.

The unnamed supporter of Trump is confident that the president will stay in office, and insists he has no doubt about it.

“He’s not going to be removed. He’s not going to be removed! He’s not going to be removed!”

“Do you feel confident in that?” the reporter asked.

“My .357 Magnum is comfortable with that!” he said. “End of story!”

The man looked especially angry when giving the answer.

Another Trump supporter thought that Trump's physical removal from office could end up in another "civil war."

"I think it would cause physical violence in this country that we haven't seen since the second..umm...since the first Civil War. I think it would become the second Civil War."

Another supporter said he doesn't think things will get that bad, but nonetheless would still cause an uproar.

"I would think that there would be a strong movement. It would be very negative. Possible violence. Not that I'm condoning violence. There'll be a lot of mad Americans."

He then stated that: "Possibly, 70, 80 thousand - 70, 80 million Americans on the loose, not very happy."