Trump Starts His Day At Golf Club, Likely Spending Entire Summer Vacation There

President Donald Trump has just started his day at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ.

This will be his 176th day at one of his properties as president and his 133rd day at a golf club since taking the oath of office.

According to New Jersey politics, Trump is likely to spend his entire summer vacation there, as well. They received a tip concerning a temporary flight advisory warning in the area for an extended period of time, which is likely the case when presidents go on vacation.

While nothing is official yet, it looks very similar to what Trump did last year, when he spent two weeks at the Bedminster compound.

Trump is constantly under criticism for the amount of vacations he's taking, especially when he called out former President Barack Obama for doing so, but that doesn't appear to stop him.

Trump Golf Count has some interesting data on everything Trump/Obama/golf related. The numbers aren't striking: Trump has played a tremendous amount of more golf than Obama ever did (Trump is in red, Obama in green).

While that's not exactly breaking news, here's one more stat that you might not have known: 68% of the times President Obama visited a golf course, it was on a military base, where he is Commander-in-Chief. He enjoyed getting his recreation while visiting the troops. In comparison, Trump has visited ZERO military golf courses. That's a fact, Jack. See below:


There might be a reason for this, too. It's said that for every time he visits one of his Trump-branded courses, he gets free media advertising, which in turn leads to more sales/revenue in his pocket. Basically, Trump ends up profiting off the presidency.

Right now, we're not sure how much golf Trump will play over his likely extended vacation, but maybe it doesn't really matter. Over the last month or so, Trump and the first family have already departed to Bedminster four times, almost every single weekend. Maybe he just needs to stay there since he keeps going back so much.