Trump Sends Wrong Letter To Boy Who Becomes Eagle Scout, Others Come Forward With Same Story

If you needed any more proof that Trump's administration is one of the most disorganized in history, just take a look at the letters it's sending out to boys who are becoming Eagle Scouts.

As previous presidents have done, Trump is continuing the tradition of sending out official letters signed by him and put on the White House letterhead, congratulating boys around the country for getting the highest rank achievable in the Boy Scouts of America program, which only four percent of boy scouts are granted.

It's an honor not many receive - so naturally getting a letter from the president is sure to make any kids day.

But, Trump and his team are still managing to screw that up.

On Monday, a poster put out an image of a letter that his friend's son received from President Trump, and ironically, it had nothing to do with him becoming an Eagle Scout. Instead, the letter talked about the passing of former first lady Barbara Bush, and it was dated from April.

Here, take a look:

Not too long after it was posted online, a man by the name of Noah Foxson commented that even though President Trump was president for a full year when he became an Eagle Scout, somehow he received a congratulatory letter that still had Obama's signature on it. Talk about odd.

He went on to explain that it also was full of grammar/typos.

Upon further reading of the same thread, it turns out that the Trump administration apparently made this same mistake to others in same troop. So, whoever was in charge of letters must have grabbed the wrong stack, because all of the boys received the wrong letter.

One thing we wonder: What if the people writing in about Barbara Bush's death were congratulated on becoming Eagle Scouts? We're sure that must have been a shock to them.