Trump during SOTU: 'I'll defeat AIDs.' Yet he fired everyone on his HIV/AIDS advisory council.

President Donald Trump claimed during his State of the Union address that he will "eliminate the HIV epidemic within ten years."

That's great, but he didn't mention one single detail in his speech.

While we would like to believe him, consider this important fact: he fired every single member of his HIV/AIDS advisory council in a single week.

This was after a half-dozen members resigned on their own to protest his administration's lack of care on the important health epidemic.

Now - all of a sudden - President Trump wants us to believe he's going to defeat aids? It's pretty laughable.

There's more, though: Let's fast forward in time a little bit. Even after dismissing his advisers, experts in the field, Trump single-handedly shut down the use of human fetal tissue in medical research, which inadvertently also stopped at least one government run study aimed at discovering a cure for HIV.  

These are the facts.

We're glad Trump claims he is going to do differently now, but he should have at least stated why he fired the rest of his advisers on this important topic.

Will he hire more? Is he planning to farm out research grants to universities around the country? What exactly is his plan on this? These questions need to be answered before he is taken seriously.