Trump says he's blocking emergency aid to Puerto Rico after the House rushed to pass it

In a stunning display of near solidarity, House Republicans have voted against providing emergency aid to Puerto Rico.

Democrats overcame to provide the majority and passed the the bill 237 to 161 - but that really won't matter. President Donald Trump is saying he's going to veto the bill should it reach his desk.

His reasoning? He claims the island has too much mismanagement and doesn't need the extra $5 billion, which would go to housing aid, rebuilding infrastructure, and repairing roads and bridges. Yet - when a red state like Florida gets hit by a disaster, Trump has jumped through hoops to show everyone in the media how on top of everything he was. See the double standard?

This is hardly a surprise - the Trump administration has largely been hesitant to release the more than $44 billion that's already been approved for Puerto Rico.

“Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico need our help —unless we step up to the plate right now, we further jeopardize their safety and security,” said Representative Nita M. Lowey, chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee.

Republicans also control the Senate - so there's really no telling if Trump will even get the chance to do the veto.

Senator Richard C. Shelby, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee claims he hasn't even thought about it yet. “We haven’t focused on that,” he said. “But historically, we’ve never turned our backs on our own folks.”

By and far - Republicans just don't care about Puerto Rico, even though it is one of the United States territories. That's what all the evidence is showing. They're claiming they need more info to make sure the money is being spent right, but what's really going on is that they just don't want to approve funding for a territory that mostly supports Democrats in Washington.

For now at least - Democrats aren't concerned that the bill won't ultimately be successful - they decided to pass it in the House of Representatives anyway.

"President Trump has turned his back on the island. This Congress must not do the same," Chairwoman Nita Lowey said.