Trump says Democrats are crazy 4 times in a row after pastor gives him "supernatural" powers (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump spoke at the Value Voters Summit on Saturday evening, an event hosted by the conservative Family Research Council.

The event kicked off with Pastor Andrew Brunson giving the president special powers from God:

"I ask that you give the president supernatural discernment to know who is trustworthy and who is not. Bring into the light all deception and intrigue. Expose and reverse the plans of those who would harm President Trump and this nation."

Trump next launched into a rant about how crazy Democrats are simply because they won't give Trump his way on legislation:

"We all see it with what's going on. There is no compromise. Frankly, these people are crazy. They're crazy. They are crazy. I shouldn't say it because we're all the same, but they are crazy."

Trump then thought he'd talk about Rep. Adam Schiff's "pencil neck."

"He gets up with his very narrow neck, you remember? Pencil neck. Dana, you would not be impressed with him physically. But, he gets up, no dummy, but he's a crooked person. Smart guy, crooked as hell."

Trump further claimed at the event that people of faith "we're under assault" from the left, and this got him a huge applause, as did most of these and other talking points throughout the night.