Trump Releases New Statement About 2016 Tower Meeting, The Story Keeps Changing

President Donald Trump's White House has released a number of statements over the past two years regarding the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting, where Russians were in the room to hand over dirt on Hillary Clinton to a political opponent.

First they denied it even happened. Then they called everyone liars for calling them out on their denials. Now they are trying to downplay the meeting, saying, while it did in fact happen, it wasn't a big deal.

Now - again - and very oddly, and deep into Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation - President Trump is releasing a new statement on the matter. And - it appears to be one he had to write for legal purposes.

Here is Trump's latest released statement:

“Don has received notoriety for a brief meeting, that many politicians would have taken, but most importantly, and to the best of my knowledge, nothing happened after the meeting concluded.”

“This statement was clearly lawyered,” Bob Bauer, former White House counsel under President Barack Obama told Washington Post's Greg Sargent.

First question that comes to mind - does Mueller have something that Trump is needing to deny?

Trump has so far refused to meet face-to-face with Mueller, so clearly, Mueller is still wanting to get him under oath from some of this stuff. Trump doesn't want to do it. If this was all just a nothing-burger, sitting down with Mueller would be a piece of cake. No, these guys are playing a legal game of cat and mouse. Trump is the mouse.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has even stated that Trump would be a fool for sitting down with Mueller, because that would force him to perjure himself. How does sitting down with Mueller force Trump to lie? He can always tell the truth - that's an option.

Not if Trump wants to save face and keep himself from committing political suicide. In order for Trump to maintain his power in the White House, he needs to be consistent at least on somethings. One thing Trump keeps trying to say over and over again is that he didn't know about the Trump Tower meeting (even though Michael Cohen, his most loyal aide and friend of decades) says he knew about it.

No - now - not only does Trump not know anything going on with his son and all of his top aides in his campaign as far as Russians are concerned - but "to the best of his knowledge" nothing happened. Those two statements are different legally.