Trump rants and raves at enemies after being acquitted, acts like he just won an Academy Award (VIDEOS)

President Donald Trump has been holding onto his feelings for quite a while now - but he couldn't fully let them out yet because the Senate was still voting on whether to convict him or not. Now - he feels like he's free to say whatever he wants.

Trump stood in the East Room of the White House, surrounded by some of his fiercest defenders and ranted and raved at people he labels as "enemies." He gave a speech in such a way as someone would after receiving an award, yet the only award Trump got was being able to stay in office, at least until next January.

"We were treated unbelievably unfairly. You have to understand, we first went through 'Russia, Russia, Russia'. It was all bullshit."

Trump also joked about talking negatively about Pelosi even though she was "only sitting four seats down" at the National Prayer Breakfast that morning.

At this point, Trump is just winging the entire speech and becoming increasingly long-winded.

Here's a wacky comment that stood out, showing that Trump has no grasp on how the U.S. government works: "I'm interviewing people for the United States Senate."

There is such a thing as the separation of powers. Senators are elected through the people, not picked by presidents.

Trump brought up Pelosi again, refusing to let his beef with her go:

"I always said they're lousy politicians, but they do two things: they're vicious and mean. I mean vicious. Adam Schiff is a horrible, vicious person. Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person. And, she wanted to impeach a long time ago. When she said, 'I pray for the president - she didn't pray. She may pray but she prays for the opposite, and I doubt she prays at all."

This "victory" speech is almost non-ending, but we think we understand what's really going on here. Trump is telling everyone in that room that he's still the boss. Wajahat Ali, op-ed write for the New York Times, summed it up perfectly:

"Trump is telling all Republicans he owns them and they belong to him now. Loyalty to Trump above all. Behave and he will reward you. Be critical and you will suffer.   Makes Mitt Romney's vote yesterday that much more powerful."