Trump doesn't like to be interrupted, tells reporter to "be quiet!" four times in a row (VIDEO)

A reporter asked President Donald Trump a very important question today, and it apparently got under his skin.

Reporter: "Mr. President, Did you ask Bill Barr or anyone in your Department of Justice, to investigate the Bidens, and if not, if you didn't ask them, why would you ask the President of Ukraine something you wouldn't be willing to ask your own Justice Department?

Trump: "We are looking for corruption. We're giving hundreds of millions of dollars and we're looking for corruption. And all you have to do is take a look at Biden and you'll see tremendous corruption, because what he did is Quid Pro Quo times ten."

When the reporter tried to get him to answer, Trump immediately started telling him to "be quiet!" while pointing his finger.

If you listen closely, he was just asking the same question that Trump was refusing to answer: "Did you ask your DOJ?"

He ended up saying "quiet!" three more times before eventually saying that "Joe Biden is 100% crooked" which doesn't even measure up with reality.

Finally - Trump spits it out: "I never spoke to him about anything."

We know, though, that it's not true that President Trump never spoke to the Attorney General "about anything."

On Wednesday, it was reported by the Washington Post, that Trump did, in fact, speak with Barr. He even wanted him to hold a press conference clearing the president. Barr reportedly declined.

Also, the rough transcript of Trump's Ukraine call shows Trump offering Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the services of Attorney General Barr to investigate the Bidens. Why would Trump offer Barr's help if he had never even spoken to him about it? It's a good question.

Of course, the White House is denying any impropriety, but that's why we have Congress to investigate. In the meantime, if you ask the president questions expect to be told to be "quiet."