Trump praises Pompeo for yelling at reporter: 'You did a good job on her, actually' (VIDEO)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo got into a quarrel with NPR reporters a few days ago.

The secretary removed and is disallowing veteran reporter Michele Kelemen from being allowed to fly with him on a trip to Eastern Europe just days after Pompeo reportedly exploded on another NPR reporter for asking questions about Ukraine.

The State Department Correspondents’ Association is actively condemning the move in a released statement.

“Michele is a consummate professional who has covered the State Department for nearly two decades. We respectfully ask the State Department to reconsider and allow Michele to travel on the plane for this trip.”

So far, Pompeo is refusing to change his mind. This also appears to be direct retaliation against a news organization simply for asking tough questions.

Pompeo was giving an interview with NPR host Mary Louise Kelly last Friday morning and asking him a number of questions relating to U.S. policy on Iran and his personal involvement in the Ukraine scandal, something that is very relevant to President Trump's ongoing impeachment trial.

When Kelly asked Pompeo if he owed an apology to former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, he reportedly started yelling at her.

“He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine,” Kelly recounted on NPR. “He asked, ‘Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?’ He used the F-word in that sentence and many others.”

Now Trump is congratulating Secretary Pompeo for the behavior in Tuesday's press conference at the White House.

“That’s impressive. That was very impressive,” Trump said. “That reporter couldn’t have done too good a job on you yesterday. I think you did a good job on her, actually.”