Trump plays golf for the cameras as pandemic deaths approach 100,000 (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump hasn't played golf since March 8th. His desire to get America working again and out of their homes also apparently was rooted in a desire to swing a few clubs around.

His timing couldn't have been any worse: the coronavirus death toll inside the United States is set to approach 100,000.

He was photographed on his way to the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA, approximately a 35 minute one-way trip.

He was also filmed on camera while on the course. He was spotted moving around in a golf cart by himself but was also seen with three other people. None of them were wearing masks, according to photojournalist Khali Abdallah.

This has been Trump's longest stretch since visiting a golf course. He spoke up about missing the game while calling into a NBC PGA special last weekend.

“I do miss it. I haven't played, really, since this problem that we have started. I haven't been able to play golf for a while. I've been very busy, and I think that it’s just one of those things, but we're getting back to normal,” Trump said.

According to the presidential golf tracker, he has already played more than 250 times during his term of office so far. Nothing, however, makes more sense of today's incident than a tweet he sent out to Obama while he was still in office.