Trump calling McConnell 3 times a day and making threats for behavior he doesn't like (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump cannot stop calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell according to a new report from CNN.

"Trump is calling McConnell as often as three times a day, according to a person familiar with the conversations."

McConnell has shared the details of these calls with a number of other Republicans according to the source. McConnell's spokesperson Doug Andres says it's not true, though.

"This story, based on a single anonymous source, is categorically false. Leader McConnell never said anything like this," Andres says.

Despite these two different stories, the person familiar with the phone calls claims that Trump has been lashing out at Republican senators he sees as disloyal, and has been telling McConnell that he will only step up his attacks on anyone who criticizes him.

The other reason the source is believable is because Trump is even tweeting about disloyal senators in recent days. He believes senators need to hold the line on what the White House is telling them to do. That's not how the Senate works, though.

We're not sure this is the best strategy. If the House sends Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, McConnell can't squash it and Republicans will need to get the presidents back, otherwise he's toast.

If the report is true, if Trump is indeed calling three times a day, that means he's worried. Ironically, the letter that Trump's White House counsel sent to House Democrats stated that they weren't going to comply with the impeachment inquiry and instead would continue to govern. But, it seems like Trump has been spending way too much time on lashing out at Democrats.