Trump: Obama Was Close To Killing 50 Million People, I Saved The World

President Trump just made an unfounded claim, via a pool report by Todd Gilman, Washington Bureau Chief at the Dallas News, that President Obama was "very close" to nuclear war with North Korea.

Here's what Trump said on Air Force One:

"When I took office, you can quote me on this, North Korea was doing tremendous testing, tremendous missile launches. And you can ask President Obama, he was very close to going to war and he would have lost 50 million people, plus...The rhetoric was very strong. In the meantime for eight months you've had not one rocket launch, missile launch and you haven't had one nuclear test."

In other news: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo headed to North Korea on Thursday after US intelligence reports showed the strong possibility that the country was ramping up production of its nuclear missile program.

The administration is starting to feel the heat just weeks after Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un, which he called wildly successful. The new reports put that foreign policy achievement in doubt.

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Per CNN: "Pompeo has already been to Pyongyang twice and -- as Singapore made clear -- came away with very little to show on the core US interest of denuclearization," according to John Hannah, senior counselor at Foundation for Defense of Democracies and former senior adviser to Bill Clinton's Secretary of State Warren Christopher.

"It should not happen a third time without Kim understanding that -- while diplomacy might continue -- there will be consequences in terms of a ratcheting up of the maximum pressure campaign, and certainly no prospect of another summit with President Trump," Hannah said about Pompeo's upcoming trip.

Trump acknowledges that the deal could still fall apart, based on this new information. 

Trump is getting prepared for his first summit with Putin.

Just last week, Trump stated: "We don’t want anyone tampering with elections. We might be talking about some things President Obama lost.”

The two will likely talk about election meddling, the war in Syria, and yes, North Korea.

The Senate Intelligence Committee broke with their House counterparts earlier in the week and said that the US intelligence community was correct in concluding last year that President Putin helped elect Trump in 2016.

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