Trump now discussing firing his Treasury Secretary - entire Cabinet put on notice

President Donald Trump ended his press conference with reporters in the Oval Office on Christmas by saying the United States was a 'disgrace' right now.

"It's a disgrace what is happening in this country, but other than that I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas."

Just a few days prior, Defense Secretary James Mattis handed in his resignation letter that was supposed to have him retire at the end of February. Trump came out shortly afterwards and abruptly said that he needed to pack his bags at the end of the week. That makes him the fifth cabinet-level appointee to get the boot and the third in two weeks. That means the last two weeks has been extra special.

Now - on Christmas - it is being reported that Trump is also discussing firing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. That has the whole cabinet on notice that none of their jobs are safe.

That's not counting the string of resignations and firings that aren't in Trump's cabinet. In total, there have been dozens. The turnover for Trump's administration has been considerably higher than any president before him in history.

Back to Mnuchin: A source told Bloomberg that Mnuchin's future could hing on how well the market performs. Trump is unhappy with the declining stock market and is looking to hold someone accountable, including the Chairman of the Federal Reserve who he has also discussed firing. Technically, the Fed is an independent body but there does exist a technical way for a president to remove them. It hasn't been done before, though.

“There are plenty of people inside the White House who are not fans of Mnuchin who are happy to throw him under the bus,” Stephen Myrow, a former Treasury official and managing partner at Beacon Policy Advisors in Washington, D.C., told Bloomberg. “Up ’til now, he’s been protected by the fact that Trump liked him and he’s been a loyalist.”

Trump has currently been more vocal publicly against the Fed than Mnuchin but firing his Treasury Secretary has got to be a whole lot easier to do than the former.

We'll go out on a limb and say this is probably the most volatile time in Trump's presidency and no one's job is safe. Looking at the current turnover, the entire cabinet has got to be evaluating their role inside Trump's inner circle right now.