Trump messes up while declaring National Emergency: 'I don't need to do this.' (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has just officially declared a National Emergency while holding a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House.

He's using that time with reporters to make his case to the nation that there really is a "national emergency" at the border, and that he needs to do this in order to correct the "crime, the gangs, the drugs," etc. etc.

Well, there's only one major problem with this whole press conference being televised on every single major news network this morning: Trump, in the middle of one of his rants, after taking a question from NBC, said these actual words out loud while trying to justify himself:

"I don't need to do this. I just wanted to do it faster."

Major face palm.

That one line is going to prove to be a disaster for Trump in court. And, Trump knows that this can and will be challenged in the courts. That's why he waited so long to do it.

Trump's own Department of Justice also warned him that this would be defeated by federal judges. Trump is hoping in the end that the Supreme Court will bail him out. After all, he does have a few friends on that court (remember Kavanaugh).

While it's true that prior presidents have declared their own national emergencies, Trump's biggest obstacle seems to be himself today.

As of this writing, Trump is still continuing to put his foot in his mouth while talking to reporters, but that one line ranks right up there with some of the biggest goofs of all-time.