Trump may skip the debates entirely, calls his 2020 challengers 'the Three Stooges' (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is dismissing the three Republicans challenging him to his 2020 re-election as "the Three Stooges" and suggests that debating them on the same stage isn't something they're entitled to have.

"I don't even know who they are," President Trump said when asked if he's willing to debate his challengers in the Republican primary and then proceeds to criticize their backgrounds.  "To be honest, I'm not willing to give them any credibility."

There's also a good chance Trump doesn't participate in the general election debates with his democratic challenger, whomever that may be.

While this would break with presidential norms, it's not unheard of. Former President Richard Nixon skipped the general election debates in 1972. Trump could be the second one to do so.

Polls show that Hillary Clinton defeated Trump in double-digits in all three of their 2016 debates.

Since Trump not going to the debates is a real possibility, Democrats need to start preparing for that. Selecting a candidate solely because they're good on the debate stage may not be a viable strategy.

An incumbent president like Trump may not see the benefit of putting himself in a situation that could ultimately end up hurting him. He already has a track record of threatening to skip debates in the past: he once boycotted a Republican primary debate in Iowa because of a disagreement he had with moderator Megyn Kelly. He's also repeatedly boycotted the White House Correspondents dinner every single year and shunned interviews with outlets he doesn't like.

Those "three stooges" - former U.S. Representative Mark Sanford of South Carolina, former Massachusetts Governor William Weld and former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh of Illinois - might not have much of a shot against Trump but they're running because they are worried about the future of the Republican Party.