Trump makes surprise visit to military base: Complains to troops that Congress doesn't like him

President Donald Trump's talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un collapsed suddenly on Thursday much earlier than expected with no explanation given other than they couldn't reach compromise.

Here's what we know: Trump didn't want to end sanctions prematurely and Kim didn't want to give up his nuclear sites. So, back to square one.

It looks like all that visit did was try and distract from the Michael Cohen hearing.

Trump spoke with the press briefly before getting on Air Force One, and before he got off stage, said: "See you back in Washington D.C.."

Instead of going back to the White House immediately though, he made a surprise visit at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska while making a refueling stop.

There he complained personally to the troops that Congress doesn't like him in an attempt to boost his own ego.

That might have been a funny remark, if Congress wasn't investigating him and his immediate family for crimes and misdemeanors.  

He shared a bit of his personal family history when he said that his grandfather went to Alaska "looking for gold. He didn't find it but he started opening up little hotels for those looking for gold."

Trump also boasted to the troops that foreign leaders love him and keep congratulating him on how well the US economy is doing.