Trump looks up to the sky and declares to God: 'I am the chosen one' (VIDEO)

Donald Trump's presidency has now got to the point where he stands on the White House lawn, looks up to the sky in front of reporters, and declares in front of the world that he is "the chosen one."

He did that today.

First, before he did, a rant about China came first.

"Somebody had to do it (referring to his trade war). So I'm taking them on on trade."

Trump still didn't stop talking throughout all of this so a reporter had to chime in, based on what he just did: "Sir, do you believe in the second coming of God?"

Then, instead of answering the question (or did he?) Trump said: "I was put here by people to do a great job."

So what at first appeared to maybe be a sarcastic reference to God that he was "the chosen one" now is a doubling down on that. Note how the reporter asked about the second coming of Christ, not Trump being there.

Beyond the religious references, Trump also admitted that it's possible China may wait out his trade war for a democratic president in hopes of "more favorable terms." In the mean time, that could be disastrous for the U.S. economy.

Trump started attacking "sleepy Joe" seeing him as more of a threat in the 2020 election based on current poll numbers.

Again - the reporter asked the same question: Do you believe in the second coming of God? This time Trump just ignored him. Maybe that was the only smart thing he did in this entire incident.