Trump looks really bored, keeps opening up his eyes while Secretary Carson says prayer (VIDEO)

President Trump had to sit through prayer today, and he had a really tough time listening to all of it.

As soon as Secretary Ben Carson starts saying the cabinet meeting prayer, Trump hadn't bowed his head for even a few seconds and already he came up for some fresh air.

The president was looking at someone or something for awhile before eventually putting his head back down where it needed to be.

Notice how Trump is the only one who keeps moving his hands around, up and down, like he just can't take it.

As soon as Secretary Carson says in his prayer to God that "we're thankful for people of courage" Trump pops his head right up again. That line got him thinking. Maybe he's concerned about the whistle blower? He should be.

NOTE: This isn't just Trump opening up his eyes for a split second here. He's genuinely bored and you can tell that he hates the prayer. Yet - Christian conservatives love this man for some reason.

We love that CSPAN zoomed in on his face for most of this.

If you watch the entire way through you can catch him flash his eyes open several more times and bounce around like there is a wind up toy going off inside him. Also, notice how still everyone else is.

The whole thing seems to last for infinity, you can almost feel his pain not being the center of attention.

At the end he says: "Thank you, Ben, you did a great job, appreciate it" but we all know that's a lie.