Trump straight-up lies to agents during border patrol visit (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump repeated another false claim on Thursday during his visit to McAllen, Texas to visit with border patrol agents.

With Senator Ted Cruz flanked on his side, Trump told the agents that they have had more apprehensions than ever before "in our history."

Actually, it's the opposite of that. Apprehensions are at their lowest level since the early 1970s, which means that either 1) less people are trying to get across the border today or 2) they simply aren't being caught by the border patrol agents.

What's ironic about this statement from Trump is that it disproves his entire reasoning for shutting down the government for a border wall. Trump says it's needed because there is a crisis currently with people flooding across, but the stats we just discussed show otherwise.

Related news: Texas landowners are preparing for a fight with the Trump administration.

If Trump somehow gets enough money for his "steel slat" wall, then private landowners will need to give up their property. They don't want to.

Legally, the federal government can issue eminent domain, forcing landowners to sell for the overall greater good of social policy, but that could be a lengthy legal battle, time that the Trump administration may not have. For example, some court battles are still going on which date to George W. Bush's administration.

How this ties into Trump's latest command that the Army Corps of Engineers prepare for border wall construction is not understood, but Trump is trying to get the money from a disaster spending bill since Democrats in Congress are resolute that they will not give Trump a dime.