Trump kicked Melania's dad off golf course for wearing his favorite red hat according to workers

First Lady Melania Trump's father, Viktor Knavs, is reportedly the same size as President Donald Trump, according to two undocumented housekeepers who used to work at Trump's National Golf Club in Bedminster.

“They’re the same size and everything,” Victorina Morales, Trump's personal maid there told the Washington Post.

She said that Melania's dad would regularly get Trump's old clothing for that reason. But, one day, her dad went out to play golf wearing one of Trump's favorite red baseball caps (a discarded one at that) and when Trump spotted him on the fairway, he blew up in front of everyone. According to Morales, Trump ordered his father-in-law, in front of all the other golfers, to remove the hat and get off of the course.

“Nobody could wear the red hat but [Trump],”  Sandra Diaz, Trump's other personal maid confirmed.

Morales said that she was in a nearby villa when Knavs returned. He threw off the hat onto the ground and then cursed Trump's name.

The maids claim that in addition to what they saw and heard directly from Melania's father, the caddies told them what had happened on the course.

“The whole world saw what Trump had done to his father-in-law,” Morales said. “He was very embarrassed.”

The Post reached out to the White House for comment and Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham sent out an angry message that attacked both the newspaper and the two former workers.

“The assertions made for this story are not only false, they are a disgusting attempt at invading the privacy of the First Family,” Grisham wrote. “This is not journalism — it is fabricated tabloid trash.”

How does Grisham know this? The event reportedly occurred in 2013, long before Trump even stepped foot into the White House. Grisham has only been Press Secretary for a few months, and she's yet to hold an official press briefing.

Melania's parents were sworn in as U.S. citizens only last year and Trump stipulated that they went through the same process as everyone else.

Trump has proposed ending "chain migration," which is immigration through family already established in the U.S., but that's exactly how they became citizens.