Trump just sent out a video of a cat hoping to distract from NOAA story that leaked tonight

President Donald Trump must think being president is awfully fun.

Late on Saturday night, just before midnight his time, he sent out a video that almost didn't make any sense at all - it showed a cat trying to touch a laser pointer. It was a reference to CNN's reporting on the black sharpie incident.

NOTE: The entire news reporting world discussed that incident, not just CNN.

The Washington Post actually broke the story from a White House official who claimed that President Trump was the one who personally drew on the map with the sharpie.

While his supporters and fans might think videos like these are funny, it's not when on the very same night a report is leaked (and going insanely viral), which discusses how the NOAA was warned not to contradict Trump.

This same agency then released a statement backing Trump even though it infuriated scientists at the agency. It had to be approved by the Commerce Department, which is headed by Trump cabinet member Wilbur Ross.

Maybe that's why Trump is sending out one of his most ridiculous videos yet, hoping it just distracts people from other news. Don't fall for it.

Here's the full story we think Trump is hiding from.