Trump Just Ridiculed His Attorney General In Public For Hurting The GOP's Re-Election Chances

President Donald Trump is enjoying his Labor Day holiday at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA, where he has spent the entire weekend hiding out during McCain's memorial services.

He was spotted earlier spontaneously boarding his motorcade, only to hop out a few minutes later and walk back inside the residence he is staying at. At this time, no one knows why he canceled his trip.

Trump has been tweeting today on the regular, as always, claiming his usual: unemployment is at the lowest it has ever been, he's the best thing since sliced-bread, etc.

Trump also tweeted this: he thinks Attorney General Jeff Sessions is directly responsible for possibly harming the upcoming mid-term elections. Why? Apparently, the Justice Department has two investigations currently ongoing with "two very popular Republican Congressmen." Trump says those wins are "now in doubt" and Sessions is to blame.

Of course - this is just the latest attack by Republicans on the Justice Department - Trump is just continuing them right on schedule to keep them fresh in the public's mind.

Just last month, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (Trump's whipping boy in Congress), accused the Justice Department and the FBI both of having "actively obstructed a congressional investigation."

In an interview with Republican Representative Sean Duffy, Nunes said that the two institutions were "are putting all their chips in on that the Republicans will lose the House and all of these investigations will shut down."

"Now you would think, if you thought the Russians were colluding with the Trump campaign, and that there was this massive event taking place, to where the Russians were trying to help Donald Trump get elected and they were colluding and passing information or dumping emails in the direction of them, you would've thought that Congress would've been briefed back in 2016," Nunes told Duffy's "Plaidcast" podcast.

Nunes continued, "So, not only did that not happen, now Congress has said, 'Well wait a second, we need to see what evidence you have to open this investigation, how did it start, give it all to us.' ... And it's been like pulling teeth. It's been very, very difficult."

Get this: Nunes, like Trump, has even called his own local paper 'Fake News.'

With the midterms just over two months away, things are starting to heat up. Expect the president and Republicans in Congress to continue to try and make this an issue.