Trump just praised Ireland's P.M. for the "UK's handling" of COVID-19. But, Ireland isn't part of the UK.

President Donald Trump just confused Ireland for the United Kingdom, and he did it right in front of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Just as the prime minister was finishing up talking about Trump excluding Ireland from the travel ban he placed on the rest of Europe, Trump interrupted him and started talking about how good of a job the UK was doing.

Is this evidence of cognitive decline? Trump was also quoted as saying "this is a big world problem" and "I think it will go pretty quickly." What is this guy even talking about?

This isn't the first time Trump confused the U.K. and Ireland, so it's doubtful he didn't mess this one up. Just last August, Trump did the same thing.

He confused a heck of a lot of people in his address to the nation on Wednesday night, too. He at first announced the ban on travelers from Europe as a whole, but he meant Great Britain wouldn't be part of that mix. Then, apparently, Ireland was added in as excluded too, because well, you know, things are complicated in this administration.

Trump also said trading goods would also be banned but the White House quickly clarified that Trump misspoke.

Here's another bit of news: Trump owns a golf course in both Ireland and the U.K., so of course they're going to be excluded.