Trump: Just Look At Them, Look At Those People, We Don't Want Them Cause of Their Appearance

President Donald Trump is now on record saying that he believes the migrant caravan coming from Central America to be an "invasion." That's why he is calling for more than 15,000 troops to be stationed along the Mexican border, even though the main caravan is still in southern Mexico, far away from the United States.

Trump originally called for only 5,000 U.S. military troops.

When Trump was questioned by ABC News on this, Trump said, "Just look at them, look at the people. Yes, I think it could be considered an invasion," Trump said referring to their appearances. Trump's implying that just by looking at them he can tell how dangerous they are.

ABC Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl did a good job calling President Trump out a few times:

"The active-duty military-you know the law. You're the president - they can't arrest people crossing the border."

Trump: Well, it depends, it depends.

Karl: No, they're not allowed to Trump cuts him off

Trump: National emergency covers a lot of territory. They can't invade our country.

Several images and video has been taken from reporters and passerbys, showing a large influx of women and children trying to escape harsh economic conditions. Right now the caravan is resting, with other caravans on their way. It could take weeks or even months for them to arrive but Trump is wasting no time in deploying troops.

Trump, however, is trying to downplay this and says that instead the caravan is made up of "mostly young men." He believes the news media is purposely only showing images of women and children in order to sell a story.

"It’s a lot of young people, lot of young men – they are pushing the women right up to the front – not good – and the kids right up to the front," Trump said.