Trump just cut off funding to a lab studying how the coronavirus happened (Yes, for real)

President Trump and his administration have just cut off funding for a project studying how coronaviruses spread from bats to people, according to Politico.

The National Institutes of Health, run by U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar, was behind the sudden cut to EcoHealth Alliance, the sponsor of the study. They're unsure why their funding was pulled.

“For the past 20 years our organization has been investigating the sources of emerging diseases such as COVID-19,” the group said. “We work in the United States and in over 25 countries with institutions that have been pre-approved by federal funding agencies to do scientific research critical to preventing pandemics. We are planning to talk with NIH to understand the rationale behind their decision.”

We know President Trump was personally behind the decision because he said so publicly when asked about getting rid of their funding.

"We will end that grant very quickly,” Trump said. “It was granted quite awhile ago,” he added, referencing the Obama administration. “Who was president then, I wonder?"

Trump believes rumors that the Wuhan Institute of Virology inside the city was behind the virus escaping the facility, but even U.S. intelligence agencies and scientists have found no evidence to support that assertion. If this were true, it'd be the biggest story of the year and everyone would know about it.