Trump just called Tim Cook by the wrong name after saying he's a very good friend (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump met with the CEO's of Apple, Lockheed Martin, Home Depot and others on Wednesday for the first American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting.

They discussed how to promote coding/programming among America's youth among other topics of relevance to the next generation of workers in tomorrow's companies.

One tidbit that stood out was when Trump was trying to thank CEO Tim Cook, and instead called him "Tim Apple."

That moment is going viral in social media rounds.

Before this happened, Trump went on the record in front of everyone to say that Tim Cook was a very good friend of his, and not only that but "he’s a friend because he’s done such a great job.”

We're not sure what past history he's referring to because Tim Cook donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign, not Trumps. Mr. Cook also has been outspoken against Trump in the past on many topics, including Charlottesville.

Trump has even said that people should "boycott Apple" in their feud with one another.