Trump just treated his wife Melania like a dog in public (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is known for not treating First Lady Melania Trump the best when in public with her.

When Trump was visiting in Dayton, Ohio, while news cameras were squarely on the couple, Trump can be seen patting his pant-leg to summon her over, in much the same way someone would call over a dog.

"Who's a good girl?" was a trending topic online after the incident.

We can only imagine how Trump treats his third wife when no one is looking.

A report came out just recently from Woody Harrelson that said Trump would barely let anyone else talk at a private dinner they had with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and him in 2002. He said Melania spoke for about .1 percent of the time.

When Trump was first greeted at the White House by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Trump didn't even wait for her. He walked right up the White House steps and Melania had to catch up with him.

That was her very first experience in our nation's capitol. It was good training for how important her role as First Lady would be.

She rarely gives public appearances and largely stays out of the limelight. Although, recently she has been coming out more.

All of this is pretty normal in their longstanding relationship by now so it's really no surprise.

Melania was once asked about his reputation for treating women differently then men while speaking with Fox News' Greta while giving a tour of her Trump Tower mansion in the sky, and she still claims that Trump "treats everyone equally."

"He will tell you what's in his heart and what he thinks. He's a real person."

It doesn't sound like she's unhappy at all. She also claims that she and Trump never fight.

"No, we don't fight, at all. Never," she told Greta.

Trump sleeps with porn stars, pays them off, and his trophy wife puts up with all of it, simply because she got to marry a billionaire and get out of the modeling lifestyle. It sounds like a win-win.

So, what would happen if Melania and Trump ever divorced?

With Trump being divorced two times already, it's likely there is a fairly firm prenuptial agreement in place.

While the exact details aren't known, gossip columnist Liz Smith said Trump was pleased with it, saying, "The beautiful thing is that she agrees with it. She knows I have to have that."