Trump Just Broke A White House Record: More Staff Leave Than Any Other President

President Donald Trump has stated time and time again on the campaign trail and in the White House that he was going to break records.

Well, it appears that statement was true.

According to the most recent filing, and confirmed by the Associated Press, more than 141 staffers that have worked for the president have now left him. That's over 37 percent for the calendar year ending June 30. That's the total amount, including low-level interns.

Also, and perhaps even more notable, is that 61 percent of his most senior aides have left.

No other presidential administration even comes close to these figures. Unless, you're factoring in Bill Clinton, and even then, his turnover rate was a full 20% less.

Here's a chart from Statista, showing a president's first year numbers for the last 5 administrations. Since then Trump has added to those figures.

On another note: The AP reported that the White House's annual salary disclosure to Congress showed 170 staffers getting raises over the last 12 months. That's good for them, at least.

 Things could get even worse, still: It's expected that if Chief of Staff John Kelly or Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders join suit, that a lot of people will follow them, making it a disaster scenario for Trump.

"There's rumors almost every day that his departure is coming," The New York Times Michael Shear said. "And keep your eye ultimately on when Sarah Sanders leaves, because while she says she's not going anywhere, she's been in the job for close to a year now. If she leaves, you're likely to see an entire turnover of her press staff."
Despite all of this, Trump still insists that his White House isn't in total chaos.