Trump just accused Nancy Pelosi of having dentures even though video shows he probably wears them too

President Donald Trump is now accusing Nancy Pelosi of having dentures in her mouth.

Rep. Mark Meadows had accused the Speaker of the House of telling a falsehood a few days ago, and now Trump is chiming in, as well.

They think just because the House didn't officially do an article of impeachment stating bribery, that means she's automatically lying, which definitely isn't the case.

The two articles that are being forwarded up for vote in the House charge Trump with abusing the power of his office and obstructing Congress. Bribery can certainly fall under those categories, and is the lawyerly thing to do.

“Because Nancy’s teeth were falling out of her mouth, and she didn’t have time to think!” Trump wrote on Sunday, backing up Meadows.

Just an hour later, Trump decided to call her "crazy Nancy."

The funny thing about the accusation is that Trump is rumored to be wearing dentures himself. GQ magazine wrote an entire article investigating this very issue.

Watch this video of Trump speaking at an event two years ago. It looks and sounds exactly like someone who is having trouble with their dentures.

Listen till the very end, too. When he says "God bless the United States," it sounds like those things are definitely shifting around in his mouth.