Trump Jr: I'm getting indicted

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is getting closer to President Trump's inner circle.

Donald Trump Jr., the president's son, who attended the infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016 and said that his father didn't know about it (a complete lie), is telling friends he will be indicted.

Already today, the Russian lawyer Trump Jr. met with for dirt on Hillary Clinton was indicted for conspiring with the Kremlin - it's only natural for him to be next to go.

According to ProPublica, Trump Jr. may be indicted for crimes related to issues prior to Trump's presidency, as well. They could be tacked on in one long list. He and Ivanka were almost indicted for felony fraud back in 2012, so it will be interesting if that is brought up.

The two Trump kids reportedly earned at least $83 million in outside income during Trump's first year as president. That's simply crazy.

Related: A federal judge extended Mueller's grand jury for 6 months. Mueller was needing the extra time. That's pretty big news.

Rep. Adam Schiff says he will get a hold of that blocked phone call Trump Jr. made. It could have been made with the president, further proving Trump knew about the meeting and wanted to be updated on it.

One of the main questions we still have is, who all else is going to be indicted? Mueller hasn't released his full report yet but President Trump has already launched a full scale war against him in anticipation of the worst.

What we do know is, is this: There is an 'Individual-1' in the report. Everyone assumes this to be the president. Whether Trump gets indicted at the same time as his son is anybody's guess, but we should find out soon.