Trump jokes about getting rid of 75%-80% of the press during national crisis (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump was asked a serious question on Thursday concerning the latest developments surrounding the coronavirus crisis, and he used it as an opportunity to joke about getting rid of the press.

"I don't know if Congress is sitting like you people are sitting. You're actually sitting too close. We could probably get rid of about, another 75%-80% of you. There's just two or three that I like in this room. I think that's a great way of doing it. We just need a new way of doing it, but you're actually much too close."

Trump is referring to "social distancing" here. He's right about that part, but this sounded like a direct threat to the press members in the room he was speaking to. He had a smug look on his face the whole time, and given his track record and prior statements to the media, we know deep-down he wasn't joking.

One of the reporters Trump "likes" is from the One America News (OAN) network. Chanel Rion used her spot in the White House press room on Thursday to accuse media outlets of spreading Chinese propaganda.

"Do you consider the term “Chinese food” racist? Major left wing news media even in this room have teamed up with Chinese communist party narratives.”she asked of Trump.

She asked further: "Is it alarming that major media players...are consistently siding with a foreign state propaganda, Islamic radicals, and Latin gangs and cartels and they work right here...with direct access to you and your team?"

This same person previously reported that the coronavirus was created in a lab in North Carolina. This is who Trump likes taking questions from.

Oh, and it's possible that question could have been planted directly by the White House. We're not sure if that's the case or not, but we wouldn't doubt it.

Here's a picture of Chanel Rion getting cozy with Trump at Mar-a-Lago in the past.