UPDATE: Trump has finally underwent a physical

President Donald Trump has not shown up for his annual physical exam. Presidents typically get one at the beginning of the year and we're almost into the month of June already.

What's more - Trump and senior administration officials are refusing to immediately comment on this. NBC News reached out and didn't get an answer as to why.

UPDATE: Trump's personal doctor is now saying he had an exam. This was not public knowledge until June.

This is very uncommon behavior. Trump received an emergency checkup last November and later explained it as a "portion" of his third physical since being in office while being seen at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Since that time, he has yet to receive the remaining "portions." This answer from the White House is very suspect and has been grounded in secrecy.

Trump was asked about this specifically in March and he said he was simply "too busy" to get one done. Every U.S. president has historically been busy, but they have an expectation to the American people to report on their health.

“As a part of granting a president as much power as we do, he has the obligation to demonstrate that he is well or, if he is not, to let us know exactly what is amiss,” said presidential historian Michael Beschloss.

“From the time in the 1950s when Dwight Eisenhower released unprecedented information about the heart attack, ileitis and stroke he suffered in office, most presidents have fulfilled that demand, including releasing the results of regular physicals,” Beschloss said. “Too often in history have presidents concealed secret illnesses and medicine routines that had the potential to undermine their leadership, and the well being of all of us.”

Questions about the presidents health have been even more relevant in recent days since Trump announced he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for weeks in order to prevent Covid-19. In his 2018 physical, Trump was diagnosed with a common form of heart disease.

Trump again got people's attention on Thursday when he spewed this word salad, when referring to his latest coronavirus test:

"I tested very positively in another sense, so, this morning, yeah. I tested positively toward negative, right? So, no. I tested perfectly this morning, meaning I tested negative. But that's a way of saying it. Positively toward the negative."