Trump: We're now "more prepared" for war than anyone ever has been in history (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump said in the Oval Office today that the United States is very ready for war.

Reporter: You said the United States was prepared for war?

Trump: The United States is more prepared than any country in the history of *pause - thinking* of, in any history, if we have to go that way. Whether or not we go that way we'll see, we have to find out definitively.

Trump said today that it's "looking like" Iran was ultimately responsible for the attacks this weekend on Saudi Arabia's oil supply. Iran vehemently denies the claim and says the U.S. is just saying this in order to get into another prolonged conflict.

Trump made the remarks while sitting next to Crown Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Trump said he would wait back on word from Saudi Arabia on whether or not he will precede with a military attack. This prompted his critics to say that he's beholden more to Kings in the middle east than Americans. There's no defense treaty between the kingdom and the U.S. and no obligation for us to enter a war simply because their supply lines were attacked.

Trump was also asked about the 50,000 workers currently on strike from General Motors.

Reporter: Do you stand with the autoworkers in the strike against GM?  

Trump: "Well, I have great relationships with the autoworkers. I got tremendous numbers of votes from the autoworkers ... nobody has ever brought more companies into the United States."