Trump is now blaming his supporters for "send her back" chants (VIDEO)

Just one day after President Donald Trump's rally in Greenville, North Carolina, where his supporters chanted "Send her back, send her back!" Trump is saying he's not to blame.

The chants were referring to the four democratic congresswomen Trump has been railing against for a while now. Yet - Trump claims he's not responsible.

Watch Trump twist and turn himself into a pretzel trying to get around this question from a reporter who asked him how he tried to stop it:

"Well, I think I did. I started speaking very quickly," referring to what he did at the rally when the chants first started happening. "It really was..uhh...I disagree with it by the way. It really was quite a chant, and, uhh, I felt a little bit badly about it."

He should feel bad. The chants were about sending United States Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who came here when she was a teenager, back to another country she immigrated from even though she's an American citizen and elected by the people to be in her role.

Trump then started talking again about "how rather quickly" he was speaking, somehow implying that he was courageous to have done so. Notice Trump didn't denounce the chants and even played up on them.

When a reporter asked him about talking to his supporters now to denounce the acts, Trump responded: "Well, I would say that I disagree with it, but then again, I didn't say that, they did."

Trump was also asked about his near-record $1 trillion annual deficit this year, even though he promised to completely get rid of the national debt in 8 years when he was campaigning for president. His only response was to compare this to President Obama, and what he did in office.

"President Obama added more debt than any president put together. President Obama added $10 trillion in 8 years. He doubled the debt. He added more president than every single president put together. So this is what we get stuck with. That's the way it is, folks."