Trump is meeting with only some Parkland families today - isn't inviting those who oppose him publicly

President Trump's schedule today has him meeting with the families of those affected by the Stone Douglas High School shooting that took 17 lives in Parkland, Florida two years ago. But, not everyone is getting invites.

Fred Guttenberg, who has been pretty vocal about the president's pro-gun policies, and who lost his daughter in the tragedy, noticed that he was left out.

It would be hard to imagine that this wasn't done on purpose. The schedule doesn't say only a few families, it says "Parkland families." He is a part of that group.

At this point, we haven't seen a record of everyone who actually was invited. We can only assume that it won't be a group of people like Fred Guttenberg.

This is getting a lot of attention and we will know more information soon.

"February 14, 2018 is the date of the Parkland shooting.  Fred Guttenberg lost his 14 year old daughter Jamie in that shooting.  He is not invited to the White House  event today. He was ejected from the SOTU address for screaming out during Donald Trump's 2nd amendment comments," White House correspondent April Ryan said.

"Not only did Donald Trump snub Fred Guttenberg & family, but HE HAS STILL NEVER BEEN TO PARKLAND," Sarah Lerner pointed out.

Mr. Guttenberg isn't too saddened by not being invited, but he did want to say he thinks it was done in bad faith.

"I want to address this as some of the comments are making me uncomfortable.  I love the families and they do have a very pure purpose and reason for being there today.  My issue is with the way that the White House put out this public schedule."

Guttenberg likely hit a sore spot in this president when he interrupted his State of the Union address.

Trump's schedule shows him greeting the group at 3:30 PM ET before departing the White House at 4:20 PM ET to fly to New Hampshire, where he will be giving a Keep America Great Rally.