Trump Raises The Cost Of Healthcare For Millions Of Families

Health insurance costs are increasing for millions of Americans as a direct result of Trump’s actions to sabotage the health care system.

A new analysis from the respected Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that silver-level plans sold in Obamacare marketplaces have increased in cost an average of 16 percent.

This increase can be traced directly to Trump getting rid of cost-sharing payments the government offered, along with removing the individual mandate and allowing looser regulations.

The foundation notes that without Trump’s meddling, the average plan in 2019 would cost $427 per month, but will now be $495 a month.

Trump has long threatened health insurance as part of the nearly decade-long Republican goal of repealing Obamacare since its passage in 2010.

While he was unable to get a repeal bill through Congress that would have killed insurance for millions, Trump has acted to attack health care through other means.

In the tax scam passed through Congress with only Republican votes, the individual mandate was stripped out, removing vital funds used to secure coverage.

The Trump administration also ended cost-sharing payments to insurers, which put a squeeze on the market and caused insurance rates to skyrocket.

Trump even put in place a rule to allow insurance companies to sell junk insurance plans that don’t have to cover people with pre-existing conditions or offer basic care, such as maternity care or mental health services.

The net effect of the sabotage is more expensive and less effective coverage for millions of people.

Trump and his fellow Republicans have been campaigning on the lie that they are defending people with pre-existing conditions while working to undermine their care.

Not satisfied with increased costs, Republicans have threatened that if they remain in power after the midterm elections they intend to mount another effort to kill affordable health care entirely.

Rather than caring about the damage they’ve done, Republicans want to make things even worse.

Published with permission of The American Independent. Attribution: Oliver Willis.