Trump is complaining about having to flush his toilet 10-15 times. He then brags about his hair (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump continued to make a mockery of himself at his Milwaukee rally on Tuesday night as 2020 presidential candidates debated onstage a few hundred miles away.

Shortly after suggesting former President Lyndon B. Johnson was in hell "looking up," Trump complained about having to flush his toilet.

"You turn it on, no water comes out, right? We won't talk about toilets, but you know that story. 10-15 times, but we don't talk about because I've said this three or four times, the only subject they talk about is toilets so I don't mention it. But, how about the shower!? You go into a shower - and I have this beautiful head of hair. I need a lot of water. You go into the shower, right? Drip. Drip. Drip. I call the guy. Is there something wrong with this? No, sir, it's just the restricter. So, you're in there five times longer than you're supposed to be. You use probably more water, and it's a very unpleasant experience. So, we are getting rid of the restricters. You're going to have full shower flow."

This brought Trump a bunch of cheers.