Trump: Immigrant mothers are giving their daughters pills in case they get raped

President Donald Trump is using fear to get his $5 billion border wall in his stalemate with Democrats in Congress.

On Saturday, he delivered a special address from the White House and made a number of statements meant to make Americans angry, including:

"Immigrant mothers give their daughters birth control pills on their journey to America because they know they might be raped." He said that "1 in 3 women" are sexually harassed or assaulted on their journey.

It's hard to fact check these things, because there isn't a lot of data on the subject, so the first question is, how does Trump know all this? Where is he getting his information and can the mainstream media have access to it?

Now - let's fast forward. What does that statement have to do with him wanting billions for a wall? How is a wall going to prevent what immigrant mothers do with their children? Just a thought.

Trump is saying that the crime rate and drug problem would be quickly and greatly reduced if he gets his steel barrier. He said "some say the problem could be cut in half."

That we can fact check. Most drugs come into the United States from a port of entry, not from areas that don't have fencing. That's important to remember because if Trump gets his wall that won't reduce the majority of drugs coming into the country.

Trump is wanting to be lenient on DACA protections in exchange for the funding for the wall, and was the main purpose of his speech.

So far Democrats have rejected his proposals, including his latest one.

Watch Trump's speech below: