Trump: I always have a Plan B (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump was meeting with the President of Columbia Iván Duque Márquez in the Oval Office on Wednesday, and was asked if he had a plan on the Venezuelan situation.

Reporter: Do you a plan B on Venezuela if Maduro stays?

Trump: “I always have Plan B. And C. And D, and E and F. I have great flexibility. I probably have more flexibility than any man that’s ever been in this office. So we’ll see. But are many plans and we’ll see where we go.”

Let the memes begin.

Currently, the two presidents are trying to put more pressure on far-left Nicolas Maduro to step down.

The White House has already gone on record saying that they back opposition leader  Juan Guaido, and Trump reiterated today that "all options are still on the table," including possible military intervention.

Under Madaro's leadership, more than two million Venezuelans have fled into Columbia, trying to escape chaos, poverty, and political violence.

So far, Maduro has refused humanitarian aid into the country which could help hundreds of thousands of people.