Trump: Homeless people 'destroy' the 'prestige' of our beautiful cities

President Donald Trump is in California today to fund-raise for the 2020 election and while en-route on Air Force One with reporters, he decided to attack homeless people.

“We can’t let Los Angeles, San Francisco and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what’s happening,” Trump said just before visiting Silicon Valley.

“In many cases, they came from other countries and they moved to Los Angeles or they moved to San Francisco because of the prestige of the city, and all of a sudden they have tents,” Trump said. “Hundreds and hundreds of tents and people living at the entrance to their office building. And they want to leave.”

In California's two largest cities, Trump said, people are living on the “best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to buildings . . . where people in those buildings pay tremendous taxes, where they went to those locations because of the prestige.”

“The people of San Francisco are fed up, and the people of Los Angeles are fed up,” Trump said. “We’re looking at it, and we’ll be doing something about it.”

What exactly does he plan on doing about it? Perhaps he can work with state legislators and the governor to talk about the problem of homelessness without disparaging them as a people? That's just one idea.

Trump instead decided to talk about how police officers are “getting sick” of dealing with people who don't have enough money to rent a home. “They’re actually sick,” the president said. “They’re going to the hospital. We can’t let that happen.”