Trump holds emergency meeting after campaign aides tell him he's losing badly in swing states

President Donald Trump held a sudden meeting at the Roosevelt Room of the White House recently after two key allies from his 2016 campaign, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, warned him he was doing very poorly in key swing states. This led to a series of further emergency meetings Trump had with his top campaign brass.

Bossie was also seen golfing with Trump over the weekend so this was likely the key topic of conversation.

One of the states they're worried about: Arizona. Trump won the state by 3 percentage points but recent data shows him trailing Joe Biden there. The reason this is especially problematic for alarm bells is because a Republican hasn't lost the state in a presidential year since Bill Clinton in the 90's. The polls also show them doing very poorly in Georgia.

Recent polling numbers for swing states in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida - all showed Biden several points ahead. Almost nowhere is Trump getting good feedback on the ground where he needs it.

But, you may say, "what about 2016 polls?" That's a good point. Biden is actually ahead of where Clinton was in the very same Fox News polls taken around at the same time between May 16-May 23. That poll showed Clinton trailing Trump by 3 points. This Fox News poll shows Biden being up 8 points. That's one reason why Trump is so frustrated with the network and has been demanding they do more to help him out.

The other thing Trump has to worry about is the razor-thin margin he won by in 2016. Biden doesn't have to be up by 5.5 point in Michigan in order to carry it, although that's what the data currently shows. Trump carried the state with only a margin of .2 percent of the vote. His support there or in other key swing states was never very strong in the first place.