Trump's family empire/entities hit with 30 subpoenas. Multiple federal agencies involved.

A ton of subpoenas just hit President Trump's family business seeking records from not only the Trump Organization but from the Internal Revenue Service and a dozen other entities, the Associated Press is reporting.

In all, the subpoenas target more than 30 Trump-linked private entities.

The bombshell news happened on Tuesday, just one day after U.S. District Court Judge Peter J. Messitte said that foreign and domestic spending at Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel amounted to a violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause.

The attorney generals from both the District of Columbia and Maryland were behind the coordinated effort.

At issue is the ability to prove how Trump and his businesses have been profiting off the presidency. Trump contends he is not.

"We will now serve subpoenas to third-party organizations and federal agencies to gather the necessary evidence to prove that President Trump is violating the Constitution's emoluments clauses — our nation's original anti-corruption laws," D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine said in a statement.

So far, the Justice Department appears to be losing this case in defense of Trump. They requested a stay but it was declined.

The newly-elected Democratic Congress is also gearing up to investigate Trump's family businesses, as well. And, a federal judge has ruled on that, too.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan says lawmakers have the legal standing to sue Trump.

The Foreign Emoluments Clause expressly forbids U.S. officials from accepting gifts or payments from foreign governments and Trump went back on his word of giving up ownership in his businesses - something previous presidents have done in the past to avoid any conflicts.

There has been talk about this for some time now in the media, but this case appears to be finally gaining traction.

While Trump's personal tax returns still remain at large (he has refused to release them), we know for sure that the subpoenas will make Trump's businesses hand over their returns, including state and federal returns for the Trump Organization.

Expect more information to come out on this soon.