Trump Hires Fox News To Run The White House

President Donald Trump is giving another high-level position in the White House to a top ranking Fox News executive.

Bill Shine, a former Fox News co-president, has just accepted a role as deputy chief of staff for communications, according to ABC News.

This makes it the seventh major Fox News hire in the White House since Trump has become president.

Is Trump hiring Fox News to run the entire White House? It sure looks like it. 

In addition to being a former president, Shine is also very close to Trump ally and prime time star Sean Hannity.

Even though Shine was questioned for his handling of sexual harassment allegations at the Fox News network, Hannity invited Shine to a White House Christmas party after he was fired. Hannity might have recommended Shine for the job to Trump.

The most recent figure to join Trump in the White House before Shine was national security advisor John Bolton, who has appeared on Fox News numerous times as a correspondent.

In fact, Bolton himself was so stunned by the decision that he appeared on Fox and exclaimed that it had happened so quickly that "I think I'm still a Fox News contributor."

"He's looking for people who are ready to be part of that television White House," said Kendall Phillips, a communication and rhetorical studies professor at Syracuse University. "This is the Fox television presidency all the way up and down."