Trump had to cancel his outdoor speech before rally. The one million people didn't show up

It is now being confirmed that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will no longer speak at the "outdoor experience" like was originally planned.

Just a few days ago, Trump was bragging that over one million people reserved for his rally and he might have to do something extra special for them for not being able to get in the main arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The arena only holds 19,000 people.

CNN Washington correspondent Ryan Nobles contributed to the confirmation, while colleague Abby D. Phillip relayed the news.

Just looking outside in the streets, it's no wonder Trump was forced to cancel. We all know how Trump feels about crowd-size. This is largely being seen as a move to avoid any embarrassing pictures.

The Trump campaign is blaming the lack of people on protesters.

"Protesters interfered with supporters, even blocking access to the metal detectors, which prevented people from entering the rally," said Tim Murtaugh, Trump's director of communications.

Maybe Trump's supporters wised up and decided to leave the area after news reports showed six Trump staffers in charge of setting up the rally had tested positive for coronavirus.

Speaking of crowd-size, even video of inside the arena shortly before Trump's speech showed it being half empty. While the bottom sections were full, the upper half of the stadium had whole sections of empty seats.