Trump gets into condo salesman mode by Lincoln's statue: Don't worry about your lost jobs (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is holding a virtual town hall event with Fox News on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

At the beginning of the two-hour spectacle, one of his messages for America was to not worry about your jobs right now.

"You're gonna have your job. You're gonna get another job or get a better job," Trump seemed to promise. "You're going to get a job where you'll make more money, frankly."

Trump is doing everything he can to distract from the current unemployment rate estimated to be around 16.1% - the largest one-month blow to the U.S. labor market in history.

Trump anticipates things being better just before the 2020 elections.

"I think we're going to have an incredible following year. We're going to go into a transition in the third quarter and we're going to see things that look good. I really believe that. I have a good feel for this stuff."

Trump went on to say that even South Korea thinks he's doing a great job containing the coronavirus.

"South Korea thinks we've done an incredible job."

Note: South Korea has only around 250 Covid-19 deaths. The United States has over 68,000.