Trump gets called out after blaming Obama for 'failed tests' that were actually made in 2020 (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump was called out in the Oval Office on Thursday by CNN's Jim Acosta after Trump tried to blame former President Obama for failed coronavirus tests that didn't even exist before Trump was president.

Acosta: You say you had "broken tests" from Obama -- the coronavirus is a new virus, so how could the tests be broken?

Trump: We have broken tests. We had tests that were obsolete. We had tests that didn't take care of people.

Note: Obama hasn't been president for more than three years, but this is common sense.

Shortly after President Trump said this Congressman Ted Lieu set the record straight:

"Dear Donald Trump, It was YOUR Administration that created the COVID 19 test. First version failed. That’s why tests were “broken.” Because your Administration screwed up.  Stop making up stuff. You are the President. Act like it. Accept responsibility for your mistakes."

Not even several hours later, Trump tried to take credit for Veterans Choice legislation that was actually signed into law by President Obama in 2014. Go figure!