Trump threatened to sue his own campaign manager after seeing polling data showing him behind Biden

According to multiple people knowledgeable, President Donald Trump erupted at campaign manager Brad Parscale after he was given polling data from his campaign and the Republican National Committee showing him behind Joe Biden in several states. The New York Times confirmed the report.

He reportedly blew up at Parscale while blaming other people for now being behind after thinking it was his race to lose just two months ago when Democrats were going at it with each other. He is claimed to have said at one point that he would not lose to Biden because the data was wrong and blamed Mr. Parscale for having worse numbers than the democratic nominee.

Then - Trump threatened to sue Parscale, but instead of getting mad, Parscale just told Trump: "I love you, too." He did not think Trump was being serious about actually suing him, even though he did say it. After the call, Parscale described it as more of Trump venting than anything.

“He was just in a terrible mood with everyone late last week,”  said one official.

According to the Washington Post, Trump is being encouraged on phone calls involving Parscale, Jared Kushner, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, to tone down how many coronavirus briefings he's doing or at least to stop taking questions. They think it might be causing his slipping poll numbers.

That kind of feedback from his campaign and the RNC could be contributing to the president's mood. Trump reportedly fired back: People "love" the briefings and think he's "fighting for them." Even though Trump is distrustful of polling data, he still wants good polling numbers when presented with them.

Interestingly, when Parscale came back into the Oval Office on Tuesday with better polling numbers, Trump was in a much more pleasant mood, people familiar with the meeting said.